Paradise ManorCommunity Club


This document represents the Club Rules of Paradise Manor Community Club, Inc., hereinafter referred to as “Club”, as adopted by the Board of Directors on January 31, 2005.


1. All Members and/or guests must register at the entrance desk when entering the Clubhouse.

2. All tennis-playing guests must be registered by a member prior to beginning play. Tennis registration can be accomplished by signing the guest book located at the tennis courts.

3. Guests must be registered by a Member 18-years of age or older who will be responsible for the guest and the payment of any guest fees, if required.

4. Member's children who are 21 years of age or older, regardless of whether they live in the household, must be registered as guests.

5. Daily Guest fees are $7.00 for adults and children (18 years of age or less), and apply if the guest swims or plays tennis, or in the judgment of the Club management, uses the Club and its facilities for more than just a casual short term visit.

6. Payment for guest fees is due on the day the guest uses the Club.

7. Guest fees may be waived when included in a participation fee charged for Club sponsored events.

8. Guest fees are waived for baby sitters, while accompanying member's children requiring supervision. Baby sitters may not register guests and must be registered by a letter to the Club Manager from a Member.

9. A special alternate guest fee may be applied for guests visiting in the home of a member for at least one week. The alternate guest fee is $10.00 per week for one person, or $25.00 per week for a family of 4 persons, or more. Registration of guest(s) under this program must be by a letter to the Club Manager from a Member, listing the name(s) of guest(s) and stating that said guest(s) will be visiting in the Member's home for at least seven days. Payment of the alternate guest fee must be made at the time guest(s) are first registered. The guest(s) may then be signed-in for each of seven days for no additional fees.

10. Guest fees are waived for member's grandchildren (18 years of age or less) when registered by such Member.

11. Guest fees are waived for children less than two (2) years of age.

12. The Board of Directors, at its discretion, may suspend guest privileges to any person upon a finding that guest privileges are being abused.

13. A fine of $ 50.00 shall be assessed to members that fail to pay guest fees as outlined above.

14. All guests of members, adult or children, are welcome to visit the club and enjoy all aspects we have to offer, for a fee of $7 per day per person. The maximum amount of visits per calendar year will be limited to five days.


1. At all times, children under nine years of age must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult at least eighteen (18) years of age.

2. A child is considered the same as a nine (9) year old if they have completed the third grade and will be nine years old by December 31.

3. After 6:00 PM, the age of children requiring adult supervision is under thirteen (13) years of age.

4. While an under age child is swimming, the responsible adult must remain in the pool, on the pool apron, or under the covered patio area.

5. While an under age child is playing tennis, the responsible adult must remain in the same area with the child under his supervision.

6. The only exception to this rule is when the under age child is directly supervised by a Board approved instructor or coach.


1. Operation of the Club, supervision of all employees, and the enforcement of these rules are under the jurisdiction of the Club Managers, any Board Member present, or the Board Member on Call.

2. Minor violations of Club Rules are defined as minimal property damage, rowdiness, physical altercations, vulgar language, loitering and congregating in restricted areas and will be handled by the Club Manager, when present, or in his absence by the Assistant Club Manager or any Board Member present. Penalties may be assessed as follows:
(a) First Offense A fine of $5.00 or the value of any damage, whichever is greater, if applicable, and/or expulsion from the Club for the remainder of the day.
(b) Second Offense a fine of $10.00 or the value of any damage, whichever is greatest, if applicable, and/or expulsion from the Club for time not to exceed one week.
(c) Third Offense A fine of $15.00 or the value of any damage, whichever is greatest, if applicable, and/or expulsion from the Club upon approval of the Board of Directors for a time not to exceed two weeks.

3. Major violations of Club Rules are defined as repeated offenses, categorized above as minimal violations, substantial property damage, defacing of property, falsifying status of membership, failure to register guests, unauthorized use of Club property, unauthorized presence on Club property outside of posted hours, and such other conduct or events that the Board of Directors may determine to disturb the harmony or impair the good name or property of the Club.

4. Major violations shall be subject to such fine, suspension, or expulsion, or any combination thereof, as the Board of Directors may decide and the decision thereby shall be final.


1. The lifeguard(s) in charge of the pools shall have sole jurisdiction over pools and shall have authority to restrict any person from use of the pools for the balance of the day for violation of pool or swimming rules.

2. All persons using the large swimming pool must wear swimsuits. Small children (six (6) years of age and under) may use the wading pool attired as parents see fit, provided they are clothed and kept sanitary.

3. Bathers must shower before entering the pool.

4. Food, drinks, or tobacco usage is not permitted within 4-feet of the water edge.

5. Running, shoving or throwing others in the pool is not permitted.

6. Double bouncing on the diving board is not permitted.

7. Attempting swimming or diving feats beyond a person's skill or endurance is not permitted.

8. Throwing anything or "snapping" towels is not permitted.

9. Use of large swimming aids, rafts, etc., or participating in games such as "catch" shall not be permitted when the lifeguard on duty deems such activity is detrimental to the safety or enjoyment of others.

10. Scuba or diving equipment of any type is not permitted in the pool at any time.

11. Neither electrical equipment nor appliances of any type is permitted within twelve (12) feet of water edge.

12. Members or guests shall not tamper with pool equipment, alarm equipment or any other Club equipment.

13. Glass bottles, dishes, or containers of any kind are not allowed on any part of Club facilities. Please bring food only in plastic, metal, or paper containers to the Club.


1. The upstairs portion of the Clubhouse is restricted to adult usage (18-years of age and older), except during special events.

2. Scheduled events, meetings, etc., authorized by the Board must not be disturbed by members or guests.

3. No Club equipment may be removed from Club property without specific approval of the Board.

4. Members and guests shall wear shirts and shoes in the Clubhouse at all times. Wearing of wet bathing suits in the Clubhouse is specifically prohibited, except when entering or leaving the Club via the carpeted hallway.

5. Tobacco usage by Members and guests 18 years of age and older is limited to smoking.

6. No loitering or congregation will be allowed inside or outside the Club entrance. Persons awaiting transportation should not impede registration of Members and guests.

7. Bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles, and cars must be properly parked to in the designated areas in the parking lot. The club is not responsible for theft or vandalism of vehicles.

8. Roller-skating, skateboarding or water guns are not permitted on tennis courts, in the Clubhouse, or anywhere on Club grounds.

9. Telephone calls are restricted to local calls of a three (3) minute time limit. Operator assistance, long distance, or "900" or "976" calls are not permitted. The front desk attendant will dial all calls.

10. No pets of any kind are allowed on any part of Club facilities.



1. The tennis courts will be identified as follows.
Court 1 is the court closest to Generes Dr.
Court 2 is the court closest to Hickory Ave.
Court 3 is the court closest to Hawthorne Ave.

2. The following priorities will be applied for court reservations.
Priority #1 – League Play (non-flex)
Priority #2 – Tennis Court Rental
Priority #3 – Club Tennis Lessons (court 3 only)
Priority #4 – Non-league play (includes flex matches, team practices, individual reservations and challenge matches) Reservations can be superseded by a club-sanctioned event such as tournaments, JCCA play, USTA other than FLEX, etc.

3. Courts can be reserved, for no more than two consecutive hours, by any one person on a first come first serve basis and must be reserved 24 hours in advance. This will be done by going to the page on the club website under (Tennis, Tennis Schedule) and following the listed instructions. Anyone that plays in a group under someone else’s reservation cannot make a reservation for the two hours that follow the reservation they just played under. The number of reservations you can have on the calendar at any one time are as follows.
Priority #1s can have as many days reserved as necessary to accommodate the league for that season.
Priority #2s can have as many days reserved as necessary to accommodate the rental.
Priority #3s can have as many days reserved as necessary on court 3 to accommodate the lessons and will follow the same rules set for Priority #4s for courts 1 and 2.
Priority #4s can only have one reservation on the calendar at a time.

4. If a court is not reserved then play can commence and the following rules will apply for claiming a court.

5. After a claim for a court has been made, the group occupying a court must vacate it within 60 minutes after the claim.

6. A claim for a court becomes valid only when all players of the next group are present at the court. One or two players of the group vacating the court may be used to complete the next group if all others on the sideline have declined to be included.

7. If it rain, the group that dries the court may succeed itself on the court for 60 minutes. The opportunity to dry a court will be given to the groups in the order they arrived at the court.


1. Guest must be signed in prior to play or be subject to a $50.00 fine.

2. Proper attire is required; that includes tops for all players. Players must wear tennis shoes.

3. Courts may not be used for non-tennis activities (skates, bicycles, skateboards, etc. are not permitted).

4. If there is a heavy demand on court time, doubles are preferred.

5. Anyone found responsible for leaving the gates unlocked, court lights on or the Willie Mae Smith room open will be fined $10.00.

6. Anyone climbing the neighbor's fence to retrieve tennis balls will be fined $10.00.

7. Anyone who erases names or bumps people ahead of them while waiting for a court will loose their turn, and be suspended from the Club for the day.


The Challenge Board rules can be found on the Challenge Board page