Paradise ManorCommunity Club

Pit & Smoker

In 2011 we rebuilt the BBQ pit area to be a pitmasters dream. Our grilling area now include portable grilling surfaces which can be raised or lowered depending on your level of heat, a wood burning smoker, sink, cabinets, fans, vented roof and flat screen TV.

Since its inception the BBQ pit area has become the place to be. There is never a shortage of creative dishes from lobster to lamb. You will never go hungry in Paradise.

BBQ Pit Rules

  • Don't use $10 worth of coals to cook those red dye number 5 weiners, you can get better hot dogs in the snack bar for a buck!
  • Don't just walk up and touch another members meat without permission!
  • Don't show up with food to grill without having at least one extra piece to share with others!
  • Don't use the beautiful pit area and leave a mess for another member to clean up!
  • Don't show up with nothing to grill, but sit on a stool nearby and tell everyone how to cook what they brought!
  • Don't cover another person's food with charcoal dust because you just plopped your new coals on the fire, they are to be gently placed!!
  • If you don't know how to start a charcoal fire, just ask someone before putting paper products in the pile!
  • Watch out for the yellow line.

Blista Award

Blista is a running joke that we use for anyone around the pit when one of us screws up or "shows up when the work is finished" thus - Blista! You know who you are. Anyone violating the said rules must wear the Blista apron.